My Mindful A to Zen

26 Wellbeing Haiku for Happy Little Minds

These haiku poems for the soul gently introduce children to mindfulness concepts like Om, Yoga and Zen, as well as goals for mindful living like Gratitude and Positivity. With its delightful cast of inclusive characters, this inspirational poetry collection promotes wellbeing with every letter.


Caterpillar Cake

Original poems for younger children. Would you like to eat a caterpillar cake? Join a rocket race into space? See crazy crocodiles at the zany zoo or play with a furry, purry cat?

Dali’s Dog

From the distorted faces of Picasso’s parrots to the drips and spatters of Pollock’s peacock. Discover the theories and techniques behind the work of 13 famous artists, then try them out for yourself.

Animal ABC

A rhyming, alphabetical journey through some familiar and some more exotic foods. Fun rhythmic text and bright collage illustrations are sure to engage young readers and food enthusiasts!