My Mindful A to Zen

These haiku poems for the soul gently introduce children to mindfulness concepts like Om, Yoga and Zen, as well as goals for mindful living like Gratitude and Positivity. With its delightful cast of inclusive characters, this inspirational poetry collection promotes wellbeing with every letter.

Catepillar Cake

A diverse and inclusive collection of original poems or younger children by a top performance poet. Would you like to eat a caterpillar cake? Join a rocket race into space? See crazy crocodiles at the zany zoo or play with a furry, purry cat? Wherever these 16 fun-filled poems lead you, they will brighten your day. (Poems by Matt Goodfellow, Illustrated by Krina Patel-Sage).


Amazing Animal ABC

An alphabetical, rhyming journey through the animal kingdom.


My work has always had strong non-fiction elements, I really enjoyed writing the text, incorporating humorous and insightful facts then bringing it all to life with eye-catching water colour illustrations to visually engage the reader.

Fabulous Food ABC

My visual tribute to a life long obsession.


The rhyming text and bright, collage illustrations give a fun introduction to some familiar as well as more exotic foods.


The Magic Boots

A collaboration between Penguin Random House and the Ministry of Stories. I worked with 10 year old Author Uchenna to illustrate his wonderful rhyming football story. The Ministry of Stories are a fantastic organisation that offer writing workshops to local primary school children in East London.